Sunday, 7 March 2010

First bash at bread making

So I thought I'd start off with a bit of bread making with my eldest. Unfortunately as we'd just got going, my youngest woke up and was not content to be left out of things. So while I distracted her, Poppet.1 carried on making the bread pretty much single-handed.

I had only briefly read the instructions before starting, and hadn't realised how long it would take just to get the loaves ready. Slight miscalculation on my part, oops!
Unfortunately Poppet.1 had to go to bed before they made it into the oven (even though we'd started making them early afternoon), but I'm pleased to say I managed to resist ripping into the freshly baked loaves and left them ready for her to come down to in the morning. Didn't she do a good job?
It does seem typical that the first project on my blog, ends up not actually done by me.
Ho hum…

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