Saturday, 13 March 2010

Postie time!

Yippee! I got a lovely parcel in the post yesterday.

I got all of these from a website called the girl who runs this shop also writes a great blog which is one of my favourite reads.
I have very high hopes for the ribbon and big button, the ribbon is to start a new project and the button is to finish one off (photos to follow soon). The owl ornament I just fancied a go at doing one, and the pink and black brads I just couldn't resist. 
I've never seen brads before, and have absolutely no need for them and yet I just had to have them. Have you ever done that before? These are the kind of purchases I hide from my husband, and wait for the day when I come up with an absolutely fantastic idea that uses them, and then I can say "ooh, isn't it lucky that I bought these months ago, aren't I clever"! 
I don't think I fool him though.

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