Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Looking out for hedgehogs

Last weekend, had plenty of ups and downs. My daughter had an allergic reaction (to what, we're unsure) whilst we were staying up at my sister's house, and ended up in hospital. Needless to say, this was rather scary, and took up most of my time but before she fell ill I had managed to squeeze in a trip to a great little fabric shop.

It's a little shop that my mum and sister had told me about plenty of times, but this was my first visit. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of it, but it should be easy enough to find as it's one of the few businesses in the little village of Embsay. It stocks knitting, crochet, tapestry bits and bobs, and lots and lots of lovely fabric. I was especially taken with these gorgeous Michael Miller prints.

I'm in love the hedgehogs one, I'm thinking I may base my daughter's bedroom around this colour palette as I love how all the colours go together.

I remember seeing a child's quilt that had a retro circus pattern in the main sections (and maybe spots and stripes). Does this ring any bells with anyone? I feel like I saw it on somebody's blog but can't remember my way back to it, and would love to see if this hedgehog pattern would work in a similar way. If this makes sense to anyone, please let me know if you see the quilt I am lamely describing :)

These other fabrics will just come in handy somewhere too, I know. My mum and sister thought it was very amusing when I mentioned that I have a fabric stash, and even more so when I said I kind of kept it on the quiet from the hubster. Surely we all do it, don't we?


  1. So sorry to hear about the allergic reaction, especially when staying somewhere that's a bit isolated (although we have spent many hours in Airdale A&E over the years and it could be worse), not surprised you were given a fright, glad she's OK.

    Didn't even know there was a fabric shop in Embsay, will check it out on my next visit home. Hope you track down the quilt!


  2. Hi Beth,
    Yep, it was Airdale indeed! It would have been less panicky if I'd woken my sister first to get directions, but thankfully we had an iphone with us the had signal.

    Definitely look out for the fabric shop, I think if you were heading through Embsay from Skipton it'd be on the left. Possibly with a green sign. Not very good directions, I know. Sorry,
    c x

  3. Oh, I am so sorry to hear your daughter, that can be really scary especially when you're not sure what was the cause. I wish she's much better already?

    I love the hedgehog-fabric, both the colors and the figures. The room based on that will be lovely!

    Happy weekend and sunshine from Finland!


  4. my daughter has serious allergies so you have my sympathis. Loving the fabric. Found your blog today and already i am a fan Joanna xx

  5. Hi Mia,
    Lovely to see you here, what a surprise.
    I love the hedgehog pattern so much, even though I haven't started making anything with it I'm already planning buying more of it!

    Hope the weather's still good in Finland, it's lovely here in Kent today!
    c x

  6. Hi Joanna,
    Thanks for the concern, I just want to know what sets her off now I feel I'm in limbo until then.
    I'm glad you're a fan of my little blog already, I plan to update more often than I have recently - but you know how life takes over sometimes :)
    c x