Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Advent is calling

So I thought I'd have a go at making an advent calendar for my girls this year, and I've been planning it for a while. I had decided on making a Christmas tree out of pockets, and have it so it would hang on a wall (the photo below is a typical example of my working out).
So I was horrified to see that there are absolutely loads of Christmas tree type advent calendars, exactly like what I had been imagining, all over the shops. All beautifully made and easily bought, and yet this has not deterred me from my quest.

So on I go choosing fabric and putting it all together in the vain hope mine will look better than the shop ones, alas, I fear it wont though.


  1. Oh I have total sympathy with you here, F is a shepherd in the school play and I was all set to make his costume (we have to provide them and as I am, in a former life, a costume designer it only seems right) but F wants the one from Tesco, as that's what the other boys are wearing and you know, it's £8 so I'm going to buy it!

    Bet your advent calendar will look great and you'll know you made it yourself so it'll be even more special.


  2. Ha, ha it's funny reading your comment this morning. I've only gone and ditched it all, spent far too much money on new fabric, and started again.
    Sometimes I worry that I'll never get anything finished. For so long I've felt we had tonnes of time to get things done, and now it's just occurring to me that I've pretty much run out of said time. I think it'll end up being a very hastily sewn item.

    That's typical F wants the Tesco version, I always try to get Rube's something a bit different but then she complains that she didn't get exactly the same as everyone else. Anyway it'll save you a lot of hassle, best off spending you're time making some more of those fantastic monster purses for those who really appreciate it. I'd buy one for R! :)