Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Something different

I have often nipped onto Spoonflower, voted on their latest designs and day-dreamed about doing my own fabric design and getting it printed. But this week, I thought I'd actually try to create a design for their current competition 'Year of the Rabbit'.

Unfortunately I really, really, hate rabbits. It's a thing I've lived with since I was little and it all stems from watching 'Watership Down' at the cinema when I was three. So as I tried to create a pattern, and was fiddling on sketching rabbits, I became quite down. I just can't think of anything sweet about rabbits (apart from Miffy) so I gave up, worrying that I'd end up just doing a pattern of decapitated bunnies boiling in a pot. That would be a bit different for voters at Spoonflower.

So I'm just gonna show some of the sketches that I did do, but then leave it at that.



  1. Waaah! Sorry, that made me giggle. Sorry. Again.

    (Spoonflower is still on my To Do list too.)

  2. Thanks Annie, I'm not so convinced - but don't have any enthusiasm to work on them further.

    Yep, I thought that make you chuckle Jess. You know what I'm like, don't know why I even bothered starting this comp.

  3. LOL! I think decapitated rabbits would have been a bit hit ;) Considering they feature often in my work, I spend most of my actual time swearing at rabbits for eating all my hard work in the garden. Bx