Thursday, 15 September 2011

Another sawtooth star quilt done

This one is my second sawtooth star quilt, this one is to be a baby quilt.

When I started this quilt I didn't know the sex of the baby it was going to be for, so I thought I'd go for none gender specific colours like lime green and chocolate browns. Now I know it's destined for a little boy I'm really pleased that I didn't use too many flowery fabrics.

As I quilted it altogether, as well as going in straight lines across the grid pattern I also went round the outer edge of each star shape. I'm really happy with the overall effect but thought it looked empty in the corners, so I decided to sew a little heart shape in each one.

I have to say, I think this one has worked out much nicer than the previous sawtooth star quilt. The stars of this one are on a 4inch block which is a lovely size, and I've arranged them in a kind of chequer board pattern, I just love it this way. I could be tempted to do it again in different colours. I can imagine it working well in oranges, yellows and pinks for a totally girly feel.

I'm also really pleased with the fabrics that I used on this one. Spots and stripes are more my thing, but none of the patterns are very big either which I think goes well with the small blocks. Shame I only had a fat quarter of each, so have run out of most of them. Typical.

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