Monday, 29 March 2010


Last week I had another birthday, I wont say which one as it's a bit of a sore subject. Anyway, amongst all my lovely cards and presents there was a home-made card from my friend Zoe.

She's a crafter too, and for the last year she has been making and selling her own cards under the name Monkeymade. They are all done using free sewing, with fabric shapes and the odd googily eye here and there. Even the writing on the cards is done completely free-handed on the sewing machine, I don't know how she does it!

I'm so proud of the work she has done on her card collection, especially on top of her normal day to day stuff and raising two beautiful girls. Zoe is also a member of the Round Table Studio, upstairs in the Woolies Indoor Market in Bristol so if you live near by, go along and see her and all the other fantastic artists who have stalls there.

I'd love to go and support them, but this is me doing my bit since I find myself living at the wrong side of the country, humph!

These are other cards from

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