Friday, 26 March 2010

push the button

Poppet no.1 needed a new scarf this winter, and I thought - why don't I just knit her one? I'm not a great knitter but I thought a scarf could be possible. As I looked in my knitting bag I found I already had some beautiful rose pink wool - it was obviously meant to be.

I did a simple pattern that had a pocket at the bottom (I imagined for her gloves). I had seen on a different pattern how to make a button hole, so I incorporated that into my scarf pattern, it didn't look bad. But when it came to looking in my button box, I found that I didn't have a vast selection. I chose the best one but it just didn't look as good as I'd hoped. However, off Poppet no.1 went to school wearing the scarf.

Now that we are entering Spring, I see a lovely big red spotty button for sale at and instantly fall in love with it. I must have it, but I have no use for it. Then it strikes me… if only it came in pink, it could finish off Poppet's scarf. Wahey, it does come in pink!
One quick little purchase later and here we are. The pink of the button matched the wool perfectly, I think.

I've managed to finish off the scarf just in time for it to spend at least half a year on our coat stand. Typical. But I did get Poppet to pose for a photo so I could show you all the end result.
I'm sure it would have looked far more impressive when it was freshly knitted, instead this is after it's had several rounds of being dragged round the playground, and whirls in the washing machine. Hey ho!

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