Saturday, 3 April 2010


Yesterday I had the urge to do some sewing, and planned to make a toy of some kind. Over the years I have amassed lots of pattern books that as yet I've never made one out of them, and as it happens I still haven't.

Instead I stumbled across an owl kit that I had purchased from several weeks ago. Perfect!
I didn't want to do anything too taxing as I'm aware that I have a quilt that needs finishing, but I just wanted to do some quick easy enjoyable sewing this fitted the bill perfectly (obviously household sewing like adjusting trousers, or sewing names into school skirts doesn't count).

These are the pieces that I cut out:

I'm a big fan of things made out of felt, and enjoy reading blogs such as the delightful but this is my first time of sewing in felt, and Wow! I can see now how people get really into it. It's a lovely fabric to use. It's so satisfying.
The owl came together rapidly, and I fortunately always have a bag of stuffing to hand (bought ages ago for a just in case situation like this).  So here he is, my daughter named him Poppy! So I guess he's a girl now.

He enabled me to get the quick sewing fix out of my system and so my itchy fingers went on to doing another hour on the quilt as well. Still not much closer in finishing it though.

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