Saturday, 15 May 2010

and Laurent joins the group

It was a special little girl's birthday this week, and I had to get moving on my number four design to get it into the post to her, especially since my youngest seemed intent on getting into the wrapped present whenever I had turned my back (she can sniff out a Peppa Pig at 100 paces).

As usual, I had to print a solid white four before I could start printing any colour. This is one of the problems with printing on brightly coloured card, but it's the best way that I know to get a strong brightly coloured animal.

This pile of card turned into an army of snakes:

They are really starting to look like a set now, I'm really chuffed with myself for getting this far.

Number five wont be far behind as I know I have at least five 5th birthdays coming up in June and July!

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