Thursday, 13 May 2010

She draws

Well a couple of little things happened today that got me clapping and skipping with excitement.

Firstly while I was pottering around my Folksy shop (trying to build my profile and fiddle with the overall look) I noticed that someone had marked my shop as a favourite! Woo hoo. It completely made my day. She draws makes some really cool tea cup, tea pot and biscuit buttons.

They look really sweet, I also liked the screen printed (also tea related) calico, I'm now thinking what I could use some of it on.

Then my other bit of exciting news came about half an hour later. Not only had my hubby drawn me up a little logo to print on the back of my cards, but he'd also sent it off to get made up into rubber stamps - and they arrived today.

They look quite fancy, in a way it seems a waste to cover them in ink - but then again who am I to stand in the way of my stamp's destiny :)

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