Wednesday, 12 May 2010


I fancied doing a bit of sewing, and have mounds of felt that are just crying out to be made into something.

So after a cuppa and a bit of doodleing, I decided upon making a little panda head.

I ended up doing four different eyes, working out which way was best. Some had several layers of felt but they seemed to get too bulgey for me, and so settled with a simple stitched version which I think looks pretty cute.

Whilst I was sewing, I started to wonder what my panda could be. She could easily have been a brooch but I decided her destiny was to be a key ring fob.

That decided I then made a quick purchase of some split rings from here, and some ribbon while I was at it (there's always room for ribbon!)

And she was complete…

I couldn't bear for her to be lonely, so I made some friends for her at the same time.

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