Saturday, 1 May 2010

Interesting papers

Now this is where I go all print & pattern on you.

The couple of weekends ago we went to see my hubby's cousin's newborn twins, obviously bearing gifts.

The cousin in question, is very fortunate indeed to have both a healthy boy and a girl in one innings. So I chose two different papers to wrap their gifts in, one typically boyish and one girlish (both with blue and pink bows on, respectively).

I have left the wrapping off cuts on the top of our piano, and as I pass by them every day I think 'gosh aren't they lovely!' And so I thought I'd show them here for others to see. I feel that they are both quite retro-y, in their own way. And I LOVE retro looking things.

They also make me think that if I get better, and quicker, at my screen printing I might have a go at printing my own Christmas paper this year. Bit early (in May) for those thoughts though, isn't it?

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