Wednesday, 28 July 2010

You're only five once

The last couple of weeks have passed by in a whirl of cakes, balloons, presents etc. It has been my daughter's long awaited 5th birthday, then party, then holiday with my family - where we had birthday celebrations all over again!

I didn't make the cake, that was very kindly made by a friend, Elaine. But I did get my face paints out. Easy there tiger!


Pretty butterfly…

Another tiger (with paws)…

I also started making some smaller versions of my butterfly card, to use as thank you cards for the mountain of presents that my daughter was fortunate to receive…

… but before I got them to a stage that I liked, she came and told me that her thank yous were all done. Her own design. Much better.


  1. Loving the face painting, sadly F (also recently 5) always goes for Spiderman, but maybe I'll persuade him into a Tiger next time.

    Looks like such a fun day, just how quickly did 5 come around?!


    (great blog)

  2. Oh hello, surprised to see you on here. I have to confess I'm still reading through all your posts. They are incredibly inspiring, you are very talented!

    But to answer your question, scarily fast, but seems even faster with the littlest one.

    Fortunately, my daughter grew out of the faze of asking to be face painted as an elephant. Grey is not a popular colour in the face painting world. Now she wants to be a giraffe, but I convinced her for one day to be a butterfly. Mean mummy!