Sunday, 29 August 2010

Birthday card dilemma

Tomorrow, Monday, it will be my hubby's birthday and so I thought I'd make him a card. Me being me, I had several versions in my head but couldn't decide which to do. So I limited it down to three choices, and even after cutting them out, I couldn't decide which was best.

Each one has a definite Storeyshop feel to them. It's quite surprising how much cutting goes in to each one, I don't know how Helen manages to make hundreds of them. She must have very sore fingers.

So my question to you guys is, which one shall I give him on the day? I really can't decide.
We'll be at a wedding on the Sunday night, so hopefully he'll be so busy with that he wont see this post go out. Please leave a message saying which one I should use, blue, pink or green and I'll write it out hurriedly in the morning!


  1. So neatly cut, I'm super impressed. My instinct is that I really like the green, but I'd probably give the blue as it's age specific and then you have two for the coming years ;)


  2. Thanks Beth, I really liked the simplicity of the green too. But I totally forgot that his birthday falls on a bank holiday, and there had only been a couple of cards delivered in time, so I ended up giving him all three (spread out through the day) to bump up numbers.
    Fortunately he loved them all, thought I was a little crazy mind you, but loved them.

    c x