Monday, 13 September 2010

Moving home

Some friends of ours have moved home recently, and I wanted to send them a card to say congrats. I was contemplating making some sort of house that popped up, or packing case etc when I remembered a card that I did years ago, that I've always wanted to re-do.

This card was from when me and my then boyf (now hubby) bought our first home together. We were so excited about the whole prospect (even though we'd only bought a tiny one bedroom flat, and I mean tiny) that I decided to do some hand sewn cards as our change of address cards.
Not only did I make these before the kids came along and so had far more spare time on my hands, but I was shocked to realise while searching for the photo that it even was before we had a digital camera! So here's (above) the shockingly bad photo, that I've then had to scan in, of them all laid out when I had finished. Every single one had it's own colour way, and I was amazed at which ones worked best.

The idea was obviously based on an old fashioned sampler, but done in a very simple way (you've got to though really, when you're doing about 25 of them). This time round though I thought I'd try making more of the type, and try them in much brighter colours. I did try a more muted version (below) but ended up loving the brighter version, so that's the one I sent them. I've also printed a distressed gold frame around the cut through.

I do enjoy cross stitch, it's quite therapeutic in a way. I never do much of it though, but now I've started again it's popped loads more ideas into my head, so you may see more of it on here soon.


  1. Thank you, I'm glad you like it. More importantly, thanks for leaving a comment - it's so nice to get some feedback! :)