Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Shopping round up

I'm quite pleased with myself for purchasing most presents this year from Etsy or Folksy. Something I've never done before.
More importantly, so far everything that I have chosen has been carefully made, of good quality, and has been an absolute success with the recipient for being so unique. Not one disappointment! Which is pretty good going and just goes to show you can get some really great things, made by very talented people.

First up is the present that I bought for my step-mum, whose birthday is actually today so she should be receiving this little package in the post sometime today (if royal mail works that is).

The lavender bird is one from the delightful the linen cat. As I've mentioned previously, I'm a avid reader of Beth's blog, I love the care and attention she seems to give to everything she makes and has a very tasteful eye. I'm hoping that she will be listing some foxes, or bunny purses soon in her shop - and that I see them in time to snap one up before everyone else does.

The notebook (still hidden in wrapping on second pic) is by Lucie Summers of Summersville. She screen prints all the fabric herself, with her own patterns (usually in a selection of colours) which you can buy just as fabric or made up into various objects like the notebook that I bought. She also has a fab blog, but watch out as she has been known to swear :)

Here's the pressie that I got for my sister-in-law:

It's an iphone case from Crank Cases. A friend of mine had got one of these for his birthday, so I must admit I had been fortunate enough to have given it a good look over before I purchased the one for my sister-in-law. They really are well made, and Abigail was very nice to converse with over e-mail. When I purchased it she was actually on holiday (clearly displayed on her shop) and must have posted it out to me immediately when she got back. So good service, me thinks. I also really like her telephone box design.

Now this one is a well overdue mention:

Now this was my father's day present choice, made by tiny tokens designs. Not only did I get it for my own father, but I got it for the hubster's dad, and for the hubster himself (from the girls obviously). as you can see we have a few golf fanatics in the family.
Even though these were copper, most of her items are sterling silver jewellery. You can get necklaces, rings etc all personalised, and because all her stuff is individually hand stamped, each one is one of a kind.

I have definitely got a long wish list going of things I can't wait to buy, and can already imagine my Christmas this year will have a very strong Etsy/Folksy theme. I just need to save up a bit first!

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  1. Thanks for the mention and to be in such good company!

    I also make a point of buying handmade, I figure I can't expect other people to buy my work if I don't also support handmade and as you have proven so nicely, there is so much amazing and unique work out there, it's not like there's a lack of choice.

    Great post.