Thursday, 5 August 2010

Butterflies a plenty

I used my flutter-by-butterfly that I made before, for a couple of friend's birthday cards. They were only print-outs from my home colour printer, but they still seemed to go down quite well.
So I thought I'd try some other versions but this time I wanted to screen print them onto the luscious coloured card that I have. I also decided to make these a little smaller than the previous ones, so these all fit nicely into an C6 envelope.

I have been wanting to use these kind of colours for ages, but there are only a few projects that can get away with being this bright. I planned to do three different coloured butterflies but ended up getting carried away and ended up with five. The colours just kept looking delicious, I just couldn't help myself.

And tra-la-lah, or hey presto… he was a beautiful butterfly!

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