Thursday, 8 July 2010

Flutter by butterfly

One of my friends has had a birthday recently and I was determined to send a hand crafted card. She isn't under 5, so I couldn't use any of my previously screen printed cards, so I had to come up with a new design.

I've been thinking of cards in terms of either pop-ups, or folded in a slightly different way, but still using the bright coloured card that I'm currently in love with.

With all this wonderful weather we've been having, I though I'd go for a simple butterfly card. I painted various versions of butterflies (like I did with my number animals), but wasn't happy at all with the results. So then I decided to get the ole scissors out and make my butterfly a/w with cut paper.

I'm really pleased with the way it looks, but in the future may try it again with some patterned papers. Add in a bit of texture, somehow.

Then it's just a case of scanning the a/w in, print it onto nice thick card, bit of scoring, bit of cutting and folding, and voila…

a summery pop-up birthday card!

It's quite big, too. When folded it's about the size of a A5 card, which feels right. Give's it a bit of impact.

I hope my friend likes it, especially since I've designed another one for her daughter (who also has a birthday this week). But I'll post about that one when I know she's received it!

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