Thursday, 19 August 2010

Wedding butterflies

We have three weddings coming up (two of which are on the same weekend), so I thought I'd have a go at doing the butterfly as a congratulations card.

I've made it bigger, as an A5 card and tried it in both silver and gold. The gold has definitely worked better, so I printed up six on cream, two on white and three of the silver on white. Not exactly a big print run. I've also partnered them up with a gorgeous ribbed brown envelope, over all I'm quite pleased with them.

I never realised before just how tricky it can be to photograph silver, I've taken about 30 shots already and still don't have any that I actually like. I need to look into how to do photos properly me thinks.

Now that should be it for butterflies, I feel I need to leave them alone now. Although I can't help thinking they'd make a great party invite.


  1. They are lovely! Wish you'd done them earlier as I've just been to a Wedding. Have you thought about doing swans for wedding cards/invites in a similar style? Not sure why that jumped into my head, think I must have been to a lot of Weddings that feature swans recently.


  2. Hi Beth,
    thanks for the idea, I've not tried a swan before but I could imagine them being lovely on the white card. I like the idea of making some 'graceful' looking cards if you get what I mean? Some that could easily get left out after the birthday/wedding just because they're nice to look at.

    c x