Monday, 10 January 2011

First of the year!

I know that Christmas now seems long ago and we're sooo past it, but I wanted to just put up a few things that kept me busy on the run up to Chrimbo.

Firstly, it was my youngest's birthday and I made some bunting to mark the occasion. At first I didn't think that I'd use festive style fabrics, but then I thought 'what the hey' her birthday is always going to be when the decorations are up so I might as well have it all matching. I was a bit miffed that I couldn't find my pinking shears anywhere, these would have suited having the crinkle cut edge.

I always plan to make things like this in my head but never allow myself a reasonable amount of time to actually create them. I never got these finished, that's why they still have pins holding the letters in place. Never mind, it didn't spoil anything, I just hung it on the wall regardless. I'll just have to get it done for next year.

And then to complete the festive trimmings for this year, I made us all stockings to hang on the fire place. Every other year we stay with my sister and family for Christmas, but now because of my little girl having allergies we had to use alternative accommodation this year and so I thought these would brighten it up a bit. However, I didn't factor in for the chance that my mum might not allow me to hang them on the chimney breast after all and so I haven't managed to get a lovely photo of them dangling above a toasty warm fire as I'd hoped. 

I wanted to make each one feel individual even though it would be part of a set so I made them all with slightly different colour schemes or patterns, and then added a felt hand-stitched name tag to each one with some beads and a bit of ribbon thrown in for good measure. Obviously, they all had to have tinkly bells attached somewhere too!

I am now ready to put the festive fabric away now, I think I've seen enough of it for a while. Although, I may need to keep my eyes open for some more in the sales, as I've been asked to make another advent calendar and set of stockings by next Christmas. Knowing me I'll end up making them in the height of Summer, probably on the hottest day of the year!

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