Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Always check the brief

A few months ago, a local design company asked whether I'd mind screen printing their Christmas card for them. There was only to be a small amount of them and was most likely to be just one or two colour, but the idea wasn't quite fully formed yet so they'd get back to me.

Fast forward to about two weeks before Christmas, I'm feeling ready to sit back and pop my feet up and see the rest of the year out, and then the final brief comes in. The card has now blossomed into a card and a bottle of wine inside a wooden box, and wouldn't it be cool if we could print on the box too? Hmmm…

I've never printed onto anything thicker than card before so it did feel a little daunting, but I knew in theory it should work. So yep, I'm up for the challenge - bring it on!

I managed it! I was so chuffed with myself, especially when I was told there was only one spare box so there wasn't much space for error. Eeeshk!

I have to say it does look pretty cool when it's done, I may be tempted to do my own version that I can use for taking a bottle round to a friends birthday/house warming/dinner party. One for the to do list!

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