Tuesday, 11 January 2011

My year review

I have a crafter friend, Jay, who always does a run down each year of the projects that she has completed that year and talks about what she hopes to do in the following year. I have always enjoyed seeing this entry on her blog, and even though my blog hasn't actually been going a full year yet, I thought I'd do the same because it'll be nice thing for me to look back on this time next year.

So things that I've made this year
Bread (first time from scratch)
Knitted button scarf
A selection of hand sewn felt key fobs
Screen printed postcards
C+K's quilt
Number cards
Father's day cards
A bit of girly bunting
Butterfly cards
Large wedding butterfly cards
Tree decoration
Home sweet home card
Pumpkin card
Christmas tree card
Christmas robin decorations
Russian dolls card
Advent calendar
Vincent wine box
Christmas stockings
Birthday bunting

Unfinished projects from 2010
Ruby's quilt, not another cold winter!
Draw up the pattern for my Stairhouse
You rock card
Daisy, daisy card
18 today card
Meant to be making a cushion each for R+N. I have material, cushion pad and pattern already bought.

Resolutions for 2011
Definitely learn how to crochet, to the point where I can make a blanket.
Get some better set up for photos, as mine always look too dark.
Must try to blog once a week, if not once a fortnight.

Over all I'm really pleased with what I've made over this year, I advise anyone to go through their photos and put them together like this. It's a bit of an ego boost I know, but I can't help but be surprised at what I've accomplished 'on the side' as it were. I wonder what ideas 2011 will bring.


  1. Lovely round-up! I'm behind with my blog reading but how fabulous does the printed wine box look? you so have to do some of your own, that would be a great gift.

    Hope you have a great 2011!


  2. Hi Beth,
    Happy new year!
    I know what you mean, this last month has just been a blur. Although I think most of the problem lies in all the good books I got for Chrimbo, they haven't left much time for blog reading though I will be catching up on all the Linen Cat news soon.

    Will definitely think about that wine box idea then,
    c x