Monday, 28 June 2010

Little R's quilt

It's wonderfully sunny at the moment, Wimbledon is on as is the World Cup (best not mention Sunday though), paddling pools are popping up everywhere, and we desperately seek out ice-creams in the afternoons and bbqs on the weekends, and what have I been thinking about… quilts!

It may seem mad to be worried about my daughter getting cold at night when it's currently so warm she's hardly wearing anything to bed, but I started the patch-working for this quilt last year and never quilted it.

The creation of my in-laws quilt took precedence over this quilt as it was (supposedly) a Chrimbo pressie. Due to my woefully slow quilting prowess I thought I'd best get started on this baby if I want really to have it on her bed by winter. I am so very glad it is just a single bed sized quilt.

The quilt pattern is called 'high-flying geese' and I got it from a book called Layer cake, jelly roll and charm quilts. In the book they made it with a mixture of Heather Bailey fabrics, but I thought I'd use a mixture of thirties style fabrics.

Every time I blog about my quilts I always think 'I should have ironed that first' but never remember before I take the photos. Oh well, sorry about that :)


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  2. Thanks Michelle, I love all the fabrics in this one. It's so cheerful, it makes me smile every time I get it out.

  3. Gorgeous! I love quilts that have a pattern. Too many quilters just throw random squares together with no regard to color placement. This will be loved, until your daughter is a little old lady.

  4. I sincerely hope she will, but she's too young yet to care.

    I'm still learning about the differences in quilts, but I think I'm veering towards simpler ones. Less fussy fabrics, simple patterns, and in many cases fewer colours.
    I've been going to quilt shows, where they have a lot on display, and even though I'm amazed at the work gone into each quilt there are very few that I actually think 'I'd love to take that one home'.