Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Craft blogs UK

At the end of last week I decided to sign up to Craft Blogs UK (as you can see from their button on my blog). I was fully prepared that it could be a bit demoralising to be given a chart position, but was actually quite pleased when I started (not at the bottom of the list 935, as I fully expected to) but at 921 instead. So you can imagine my surprise when over the next couple of days I went up over 500 places on the chart! I have even gained more followers, yey!

But I know where credit is due, I need to say a big THANK YOU to Sarah from paper and string for mentioning me on her fantastic blog (and a big hello to anyone that has started to read my blog since seeing me there). I stumbled upon her blog a few months ago, and was instantly transfixed. Even to the point where I went back into the archives and read some of her old posts (what a geek I am).

Sarah makes beautiful hand sewn felt goodies (like the cupcakes above), but you can also buy kits so you can make your own versions from her own original designs. Here is an owl that I have made from one of her kits (I know it's a bit early, but he's destined for our xmas tree this year).

Her website is also a great place to buy various supplies from, especially felt. There are plenty of things to inspire/get creative with, I have to reign myself in when browsing because I easily find myself wanting to buy just a little bit of that, and that, and that etc. This is a typical haul that I'd bought in the past.

As you can see I've been having a go at redesigning my blog. You will need to bear with me though, as I don't think I'm finished fiddling with it yet. So don't be surprised if it changes again in the next few days, hope it doesn't affect my posts too much.


  1. I think your blog is lovely, I discovered it through paper and string. I have to admit, I have read through many old paper and string posts!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about Crafty Blogs Positions - when I joined I was very aprehensive too! I love you blog xx

  3. I'm liking the new design. Go for it!

  4. Emma and Kayleigh - Phew! I'm glad I'm not the only one. She's a very talented girl.

    Thanks Annie - I'm actually enjoying seeing how the numbers change, I'm not so worried if it's good or bad either, it's weird isn't it? Think I'll check yours out though :)

    Thanks Jaypeg, I see you've done the Craft Blogs UK as well - I know you'll be higher than me!