Monday, 14 June 2010

Lumberjacks are us

Had a lovely busy weekend, but feel like I've completely neglected the blogging world - and I've missed it. I couldn't wait for my youngest to decide when to have her nap today, I thought I'd make myself a cuppa and sit down and catch up on everyone's blogs. I really do enjoy having a small glimpse into all these creative peoples lives.

One of the reasons for my lack of bloggage time, has been the gradual removal of a tree in our garden. I'm generally loathed to chop down trees, but this one had grown HUGE, as you can see it was taller than our house. Apart from shading a lot of our garden, it's roots were rather worryingly making large ripples in our driveway. That coupled with the ominous creaking as it sways over in the wind, and we felt it had to go. First just a few lower branches were removed…

then a few more before lunch…

by the end of the day, it was a very sorry sight…

But where did all the branches go? We tried to pile them up as best as we could but they still seem to be covering half our garden. Then we still have to take down the trunk! Hmm… we obviously didn't think this through.

Another small part of our busy weekend was playing hairdressers too. I'm pleased that my littlest poppet now allows us to put slides in her hair, as it used to be my job to sit there and be preened.


  1. Simon says he'll come down for the bonfire once the woods dried out. I'll bring marshmallows