Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hooray for Nobby!

A few weeks ago my mum came to stay. I got up early and did some printing in the morning, knowing full well that while my mum was here I had no intention of doing anything apart from enjoying what time we had (we currently live 350 miles apart, so each visit feels far apart). I quickly cleaned off my screen, and left it out on the patio to dry while I raced to the station to pick her up, she'd caught an early train.

After staying for 4 fun filled days, and helping us out in the garden, she then had to go back. Poppet1 and I went to the station to drop her off, and it was only then I realised that poppet1, who was quiet for a change, had an extremely high temperature. Several doctors visits later, and once the antibiotics kicked in, her water infection was under control. Then it was time for me to get back to my printing.

Eeschk - my screen was a complete mess. In my haste to go and collect my mum from the station, I had done an extremely shoddy job of cleaning off my screen and what had been left on there nicely crisped up good and hard in the sun. I was horrified to find out that my screen was now unusable. Unable to admit to N (hubby) what I'd done, I slyly purchased a new screen and hid all evidence of the first screen. But this played on my mind, mainly because I can tell I'm likely to do the same thing again, I'm just that kind of person. And buying a screen each time could make this a very expensive past time.

As you can tell from the blog title, there is a happy ending to my tale. I asked my friend Nobby from Silkworm if there was anywhere he could suggest getting my screen re-meshed (I wasn't going to attempt doing it myself). He said to bring it in to his studio, he'll try some of his solvents on it - and sure enough it worked! He managed to blast it completely clean, until it looks just like new. Rather embarrassingly it took him only about quarter of an hour to fix this screen that I thought was lost for good.

While I was there, yesterday, I thought I'd take some shots of the Silkworm Studio, for you all to see

the T-shirt printing carousel

Nobby in action, blitzing my screen.

And so, I thought I'd spend today merrily printing away. Until, that is, 5:30 am when poppet1 woke up a bit delerious, and then proceeded to throw up all morning. Well that sorts my day out.


  1. Lovely cards, and what a beautiful quilt!

  2. thank you Lynne, the quilt was for my in-laws so it's heavily based on colours and patterns they already have in their house. Unfortunately it was meant to be their christmas pressie last year, only 6 months late!