Tuesday, 8 June 2010

One mammoth blog!

After a few tweaks here and there, and several CD's burnt later, and I have room once again to upload photos, yey!
I have to admit, I have been a bit of a klutz. I remembered just this morning (after a friend of mine pointed out that my laptop filled up surprisingly quick) that my mum had asked me once to scan in all her old slides which I did, trying to be a good girl, and then dully left them in a folder on my desktop taking up masses of space. Therein lies the answer to my computer woes, me thinks.
But instead of removing them instantly, and gaining a super quick laptop again, I have left them where they are as I've decided to make them into a photo book, which I plan to give my mum before I archive the photos properly.

So then back to my father's day cards, I have printed a white 'head' to each card

then printed some highlights to the beer mat element, either green or red

and to the head, either beige or grey

c'est fini!

So then I thought I'd get some nice shots of the finished cards, and was given a little bit of help from my 18 month old daughter who brought her toys along

which turned out to be a happy accident, I quite liked the look of the toys with the card but I didn't realise she wasn't finished

I then wanted to take the shots of my finished quilt, which nearly fits a king size bed.

All the quilting has been done by hand, it feels like it took me forever to do, but I have to say (even though I'm not the most talented seamstress) I really like the way it looks when it's done.

More than that, I feel very proud of what I have accomplished.

And finally, I have noticed that I have a follower spotty n stripy. Yay! That has really made my day.
So I'm going to make myself a cuppa and settle down to read her blog, bye!


  1. Wow! That quilt is beautiful! You are a quilting monster!

  2. I've just seen it in their house today, Rubitron spotted it, I should have done it more blue. Ho hum…