Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Summer is on it's way!

Well we've had some gorgeous weather here recently, there's something about the flowers popping up everywhere and the days getting longer that puts a bounce in my step. And for some strange reason I start to think about bunting.

Not sure if it's because I just celebrated a birthday recently, or that I'm already starting to count off the weeks until my daughters next one, but I felt in the need to make some bunting (as we don't have any, it is a necessity).

I was very lucky to have been given a bag full of bits of material by a lady  (via my mother-in-law) who knew I'd make good use of it, so I routed through the bag and my fabric stash and found a nice bright friendly selection of fabrics to put together. Along with some ribbon that I bought a couple of weeks ago, and a couple of hours here and there, it was done. It was so easy that I'm thinking of making some more, but I'm not sure when or where I'll use it all.

It kind of reminds me of street fairs that we had when I was little, or some sort of special occasions - I'm not quite sure. It does cheer me up though just to look at it, weird!

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