Thursday, 24 February 2011

Comfy love

What do you do when the hubby wants to watch footy? Make a cushion of course.

Whilst eyeing up the Cloud 9 Nature Walk fabrics I stumbled over a tutorial to make a pocket full of love pillow, so I thought I'd give it a go. Even though I love Michelle Bencsko's fabric choices, I was my impatient self and just went ahead and made it up out of some fabric that I'd picked up at the weekend.


The pattern actually includes a pocket to place goodies for a special someone. I decided to miss this bit out, mainly because I didn't have enough fabric but partly because I dreaded to think what the little people in my house would leave in there. I'm thinking sticky sweets, veg that they didn't want to eat, plasticine - that kind of thing.

With reference to my last post going stateside I've done a bit of a daft thing. I sent the parcel airmail heading to Utah, and I forgot to write on the outside what was inside the parcel. Does this mean that it'll just get stuck in customs and thrown into the bottom of a bin? I don't know, now it's just gonna be a waiting game to see if it ever arrives. Pah!

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