Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Going stateside

Unfortunately I'm not talking about me, I'm talking about my candy shop quilt. 

I've finished it, (yey!) including doing all the quilting by hand. Since this is a baby quilt, I was told that people don't really use them actually on a baby at night anymore as most babies just get popped into a sleeping bag instead. And that it would be best to use the fleece as it is softer to wrap around a baby in a buggy or lay on the floor etc. Makes sense, I thought. But now seeing it as a finished object, it doesn't seem to lay as flat. Believe it or not, I HAD remembered to iron it this time before the photos were taken.
All my previous quilts have been backed with wadding and a backing fabric, this one only has fleece. There is a somewhat, more lasting, element to a quilt that has been made the traditional way.

Although in it's favour, it was much easier to quilt since it seemed a lot thinner. Maybe it would of helped if I'd tacked the top down more carefully to start with. I dunno, maybe I should try another one like this before I completely write it off, after all fleece is a lot cheaper than a wadding and fabric backing too.

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