Friday, 18 March 2011


I know I've been quiet for a while but I've still been busy. Last weekend was Chilford Hall again, which is a quilt fair held just outside of Cambridge. I bought a selection of nice new fabrics, but my money went on quite dull but useful things like a blade sharpener - which I have to say works brilliantly!

Most of my time has been spent trying to set up a shop on 'Not on the High Street'. I didn't realise how much stuff there'd be to get my head round, but it should be worth it. I want to print more cards, and have other 3d ideas (like my butterfly above) but I need to sell some to fund the making of the new ones. Dull but true.

Then finally each night I have been sitting down with my daughter's quilt, sewing away to get it finished off - and I have done. I left the quilt out to take some shots of it, but look what happened!

I started making this quilt before I joined my quilting group, and the directions were out of a jelly roll book. Since then I have found out a better way to make the flying geese blocks and wish I could have made them that way instead. It really annoys me how there is still coloured material underneath the white sections, but at the time I didn't know any better. My hubby assures me that no one will notice it anyway, but I do.

I do love it though, and feel so pleased that I've accomplished it. I also am relieved because now I can start on a new quilt with a clear conscience, yay!


  1. She looks so cute, sleeping under her new quilt. Thanks for sharing her picture with us.

  2. Thanks Molly, unfortunately this isn't her quilt - it's her sister's. I think we've all had a kip under it apart from Ruby (the one I made it for).
    I'm gonna make one for Nell (the one in the photo) with the same fabric but a different pattern.

  3. It's beautiful! I really like the retro material. What is the best flying geese method?

  4. The best flying geese method is the 'fox face' one, but that doesn't really work out well with a jelly roll as you need squares to start with.

  5. Wow I ordered some of your lovely butterfly cards a while ago, I didn't realise you have a blog too, fab. Your quilt is beautiful.
    Emma x

  6. Thanks Emma, I'll have a mosey on over and check out your blog too. I like reading the blogs of people who read mine, although I haven't had much time to recently.
    Can't wait for 'back to school' and 'no poorly children' time.