Wednesday, 13 April 2011

It wasn't me, guv

We have finally got our tree cut down! Anyone who's read my blog for a while might remember that we started cutting down a tree in our garden last year, but ended up basically taking off the branches and leaving the trunk as we were far too scared of using a chainsaw. I know this isn't exactly amazing news but I just wanted to show you what the professional guys (who cut the tree down in super quick time) made from part of the trunk in about 5 mins with their chainsaws. Totally cool! My daughters love them too.

And since I was showing you this, I thought I'd make this whole post about some other clever peops makes that I have purchased recently. Starting with an amazing monster purse made by the ever clever Beth at  the Linen Cat:

I got major hugs when this came in the post, my daughter thinks that it's brilliant and tries to clip it on every outfit. It's definitely going to be a possible pressie for most of her friends this year, infact I'm tempted to get one for me too.

Then there was a brooch for me, made by Anna at made by anna on Etsy:

I especially liked the hand drawn note, it was a really lovely touch. Now that I've been back to get the link for her shop, I've noticed the red perspex one. might have to go back for that one.

And then, because I love anything crafted out of paper, I bought a couple of card pdfs from pop up card making on Etsy. I bought the koala one:

and the fisherman one:

Personally I liked the koala one best, as it seems to work better. What you buy here is just the pdf, you actually make up the cards yourself.
I mainly bought these as I'm into Kirigami, and try to use as much of it as poss in my day job. It's also because I've been wondering about doing my own range of kirigami cards in a similar manner for my folksy shop, not the pdf thing, but ready made cards. I kind of wish I hadn't come across these in a way as this guy has some really amazing designs, it'll be hard to forget them.

I know I haven't shown much of what I've been making recently as I've been busy making both my mum and dad's b-day pressies, but I have been printing again and the odd bit of quilting so I'll try and do a post about that next.

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  1. Thank you very much for including my Monster Purse, really glad it's gone down so well as I loved making them :)