Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sawtooth Star quilts

Just to update you on the whole starch situation - I hand washed a couple of pieces and the brown tinge came off a little bit, so I've decided to carry on with that 8" Sawtooth Star quilt top and just shove it in the wash before I baste and quilt it. Hopefully it'll all work out well.

In the meantime though, I've started another version. Typical huh? This one is without starch, (by the way) and is made up of 25 four inch blocks, made up out of eight different patterned fabrics.

The plan is, that this will be a quilt for a baby whose gender is unknown as yet so it has to be neutral-ish. That's why I've gone for greens and browns, with a spotty white on white for the in between bits. I've also minimised the amount of flowery fabric used just in case it ends up for a boy.

I know by rights that the sawtooth star should have a different fabric in the centre square compared to the outer points, but I thought I'd try them all in once constant fabric. It might make it all look uninteresting, but worth a shot, eh?

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