Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Dino progress

My butterfly cards have gone down well when I've given them out to friends, and so I've been working on a new card design which is more boy friendly. So bearing in mind that these are all paper roughs, I thought I'd show the progress of how it's going:

first rough shape/construction, then wondered about adding scales

a slight change of wording

and then change of shape again (mainly head, tail and feet)

now it's just a case of sorting out the tail, and I'll be there.

These cards fit into a C5 envelope, so they're a bit bigger than my other designs. I just thought they needed to be big. 
I'm planning on printing these cards in all three colours, blue, green and orange. But I'm worried that the green one looks a bit like a tortoise! I'm also thinking of printing the scales/blotches in brighter colours, like purple on the blue, orange on the green and pink on the orange that kind of thing.
What do you think?

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