Sunday, 12 June 2011

Starch quilt

This was once called my 'Sawtooth Star' quilt, but now, and for evermore it will be known by me as my starch quilt. For if you remember, this is the one that I first attempted to use starch on and then stained the beautiful white fabric (with said starch) to give it a kind of singed look.

Well it still looks singed in places, but I'm ploughing on all the same. I'm hoping that once completely finished I'll pop it into the washing machine and it'll come out looking perfectly white (where it's meant to be white).

Originally it was meant to be a baby quilt, but it's looking quite big to me. I can really imagine my girls using it as a picnic blanket for their toy tea parties though. I'm sure we'll get some use out of it.


  1. I think it looks lovely. I hope the starch comes out. I feel so bad for suggesting it in the first place!

  2. I think it's more my fault for just spraying it everywhere, trying to do a pristinely flat quilt. I should know by now, I'm not meant to be a neat and tidy person. Chaos is my friend :)