Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Caped crusader

I thought I should show how I got on with my magic loop knitting

I'm quite pleased with my first attempt at magic loop knitting, and I'm glad the pressure was off as it's simply to go on one of the hubster's golf clubs. I definitely think I'll knit a few more things in that way, it was really easy in the end.

I bought the pattern ages ago from TraceyKnits, and have been meaning to make it ever since. If you have a golfer in the family (or several like me) it's well worth a visit as she has loads of other amazing designs. You can get other patterns like Star Wars figures or simple golfers but I've got my eye on a panda one that I think is really cool. Even better, if you like them but can't be bothered to get the old knitting needles out, you can buy one that she's made up already. Result!


  1. I think it looks great Clairey! What a good idea. I hope he likes it. I think circular needles are the bomb!

  2. He loved it, it's had several trips out already. Beats a WHU one any time.