Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I have finally printed my dino cards!

Thanks for your comment, Beth, about white on bright colours. I did think about it a lot, and in the end dummied them all up in full colour to decide, and as you can see I did go with the white text. They just seemed a bit more punchier in the flesh, as it were.

I printed them in just 3 colour ways: lime green, aquamarine and mango. I thought these made nice friendly looking dinosaurs.

I'm a bit worried that from these photos you can't tell that the neck and tail are folded so that they stay in position when the card is stood up. Maybe I should do a shot of it from an end perspective.

Anyway, they come creased and folded, ready for you to write your message on the inside, and they're now in my shop.

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