Wednesday, 5 October 2011


A few months ago, I saw a really lovely hexagon quilt somewhere on someone's blog/website/flickr page. It wasn't the main focus of the image, it was just in the background. Me being me thought, 'ooh I'd love to make that' so I bought a load of fabric and then couldn't remember where I'd seen the image that I liked.

Fast forward a couple of months, and my friend Jay posted a photo of a hexagon quilt, made by Abigail Newbold on her blog. Here is that image:

Isn't it lovely. This has now become my new muse, this time though I thought I'd get on with it straight away.

I wanted to make it mainly lime to apple green and grey, but on showing the hubster what I was thinking of he said that he'd prefer reds and hot oranges. I thought I best bow to his choice as this is going to be on our bed, and I'd like him to be pleased with it in the end.

Believe it or not, I actually had most of these already in my stash and even have plenty of reds left that I haven't needed for this quilt. So far, I've only had to buy one of the greys, but may need to get another for the next stage.

I'm trying to have the majority of the reds in the centre in a random shape. The darker ones in the inside working out to light reds and oranges then it'll go through greys and then into blacks on the outer edges.

Sewing them all together in flower shapes is taking me back to childhood when I made a pincushion (that didn't hold pins) out of hexagons. It's somehow restful sewing them all together. I bet if I looked round my mum's house I could probably find the non-pincushion too.


  1. Great colours, I look forward to seeing this progress as I need to (one day) make a quilt for our spare room and this kind of thing would be perfect. Beth/The Linen Cat

  2. Wow clairey you've done loads! I love the colours. I am going the grey bits of mine now. I think mine is going to be a bit of a silly shape though. What size is yours going to be?