Monday, 10 October 2011

Foundation pieced

Last week at my group we did a bit of stained glass style quilting, using the paper piecing (or foundation pieced) technique. I really enjoyed it. 

Typical of me, I sorted out a stack of black and dark grey fabrics for this project and them left them at home on the day. So I used a dark brown for the lead frame element, I don't think it looks too bad. I did have a midnight blue fabric that I was tempted to use too, but that had tiny snowflakes on and I wasn't sure it'd entirely work.

Unfortunately, I can't remember what this block was called, but it was from this book here:

I'm so glad I've learnt the paper piecing technique as I'd love to make this quilt, below, that I found in Fat Quarterly. It is called Against Traffic by Amy Lobsiger, which I'm pretty sure must have been made in this way. I'm planning on starting this quilt soon, for my littlest one but I'm gonna use fabrics that match her sister's quilt.


  1. Now I get what you mean by stained glass. It looks so straight! I think I am going to have to learn this technique... Can't wait to see this new one you are going to make.

  2. I love this method so much because everything lines up beautifully.
    That's why I feel I could get hooked to doing a quilt this way.

    You might get to see the quilt in progress soon as I think you found the cross hatch that I wanted :)

  3. Did FQly issue #6 have the foundation template needed to create this quilt? All I could see in the preview as a pic of the quilt. No mention of a paper piecing foundation "found on page ...." that I could see.

  4. Hi 'I am Just One Mom',
    If you look at the FQ6 the instructions to make up the 'Against Traffic' quilt are on pages 14-19 with the two block foundations needed on p20. If you can't see it, or have any probs I guess you could contact the designer of the quilt - Amy Lobsiger at
    Generally Fat Quarterly write all instructions out very clearly with plenty of pictures so you can easily make up one of their patterns. It is well worth buying if you enjoy quilting :)